Thursday, June 9, 2011

In to the Wild

Okay so I'm not a huge Discovery Channel fan, more partial to watching the History Channel and only when 'Clash of The Gods' is on, but every so often I decide to be a good sister and watch some of my brother's favorite shows with him, mainly 'Man v. Wild'. You could imagine my reaction the first time I saw the show a little over a year ago, it was so fascinating and enthralling and I couldn't take my eyes off the screen! 
Imagine being left alone in the wild with nothing but a knife, a bottle of water, and rope! 
My brother teases me that the only reason I even bother to watch the show is because I have a crush on the very hansom, very British host-- I'm not denying the crush exists! I mean come on, who would mind sitting for 45 minutes watching this man below fight to survive 42 hours in the wild?

And to think that soon enough he'll be taking Jake Gyllenhaal on a mission with him! 
Let us all thank whoever came up with this fabulous idea!


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  1. he's so cute! i'm crushin as well! :)